Why Bum Dash?

We’re rethinking what diapering looks like in a world where water is scarce and waste is dangerous. Our sustainable, cotton diapers have a positive impact on your baby and the world.

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Advantages of Diapering with Bum Dash

Better for the Earth

Don’t choose a less bad disposable, choose a diaper designed for mother earth. Many compostable diapers can’t be composted locally and disposables will last for 300 years in a landfill.

Better for Baby

When did we think sticking an engineered sponge next to our children for hours at a time was a good idea? Our breathable cloth diapers help to prevent diaper rash and keep your baby happy.

Better For Your Wallet

A Bum Dash subscription is less expensive than any dipaer subscription from a celebrity brand. Bum Dash might be a luxury, but it's an affordable luxury, designed for everyone.